The Merkeyna Coif Boutique is a performance art boutique run by two entreprenuerial sisters, Finesse and Lynnetta Coif. Started in 2008, the boutique specializes in designs for the 21st century merkin, the Merkeyna. 
To learn more about this ongoing project with artist Bianca McGraw, please go to 
Advertising: Web banner.
Merchandise. Pussywig kitty line of t-shirts, buttons, and other merch. 
Subversive ad submission to the publication Momma Tried. 2014.
Subversive Ad submission to the publication Momma Tried. 2014.
2011 online shop advertising. 
2014 Packaging for Merkins. Female and Male. 
Packaging, branding, and custom product design. 2012-13.

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