Water is Life is a series of monoprints on muslin fabric that include embroidery, coffee, and silk paintings.

Water is essential as a life source. We live and die by it. It is politicized and used to both reward the wealthy and powerful while oppressing and marginalizing people throughout our history in the U.S. alone, well into 2017. 
There are two major cases where I been most concerned recently:
Native Tribes protest the Dakota Access Pipleline for all of 2016. 
Flint, Michigan has been experiencing the side effects of poor water quality for years and yet little to nothing has been done to relieve people of a tainted water supply. 

These prints are a personal visual reflection in response to the effects of these politics on real people in our country. 

Water is Life II. 2016-17. Silk-painting, embroidery, and Monoprint on cotton muslin. 

Collection of Hikmet Loe.

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