Artist Statement
The site of convergence joins bodies of thought, philosophies, trajectories, and (literally) bodies of water. It is the interstice where nutrients, resources, and energies meet and combine into a more powerful and complex body. Whereas divergence allows these things to branch out and into a stream, which is smaller yet contains the force of power from the larger body along with a portion of its assets. Depending on the perspective that one sees such an intersection, the view can appear to be one of either convergence or divergence.
It is this simultaneous coming together and moving apart of relationships, realities, narratives, and experiences that I am exploring in my work: the capacity to both converge and diverge.
The work of mending, sewing, and stitching create a structure stitch-by-stitch—each stitch or knot strengthening the structure.  Unraveling, plucking, and pulling out fibers reduces the woven/stitched structure to exposed strands.  Here the unraveling and the stitching, ebb and flow, convergence and divergence—are all at play.
Installation at the Granary Art Center, Ephraim, UT. October 2014-Janurary 2015. Found chair legs, embroidery, crochet and stitched clothing, books encrusted with crystallized tears, pants, embroidered monoprints on muslin, and video projection. Measures about 8' x 10' x 10'. 
Detail view, chair legs with stitched clothing.
Unravelled linen threads, books encrusted with crystallized tears.
Embroidered monoprints on muslin.

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